Applications for our 13th acceleration program are open

12 December, 2018

2018/12/12 23:59:59

Apply for our 13th acceleration program and UP TO 50K EUR investment for your deep-tech start-up.

  • Work in a modern office in the very heart of Riga.
  • Become a lifetime resident of the Commercialization Reactor’s international community.
  • Obtain follow-on investment of UP TO 250K EUR.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who qualifies for pre-seed investment?

To be considered for investment, your start-up must meet all of the following requirements:

Deep-tech based: These are science- or technology-based start-ups with strong and protectable intellectual property. Patents are not required at this stage but there should be clear potential to protect the technology in future (via patents or know-how).

Stage of development: Early-stage before sales. The science behind the technology should be complete, with at least a laboratory prototype ready for demonstration. This corresponds to the NASA Technology Readiness Level 4 or higher.

The business idea has potential for developing a scalable business on the B2B market.

The team should be highly committed and contain at least one entrepreneur and at least one developer of the technology/science. We expect a clear division of roles between business and technology in the team.

A legal entity is not necessary at the application stage. A company needs to be registered in Latvia within the first month of  acceleration.

2. What is the investment amount that my startup can receive?

The Commercialization Reactor Fund invests up to 50,000 EUR at the pre-seed stage, which can then be supplemented with a seed round of up to 250,000 EUR. Seed stage investment is only possible if your start-up has already received pre-seed investment from our Fund.

3. What is the pre-seed investment intended for?

The pre-seed investment comes in two stages, each as part of an acceleration program.
Entry-level program: In this 3-month acceleration program, you receive up to 10k EUR, intended for obtaining market proof and demonstrating team viability .
Advanced-level program: Upon successful completion of the Entry-level program, you can receive an additional 40k EUR investment as part of the 3-month Advanced-level program. The goal of this acceleration program & investment is to make your start-up investment-ready

4. What are the pre-seed investment terms?

The pre-seed stage investment is a convertible loan that converts at the seed round valuation with a discount and a valuation cap. The pre-seed stage is very difficult to value, so we leave it for the next round.

5. What are the seed investment terms?

After completing the pre-seed stage you may apply for seed funding of up to 250k  EUR. A co-investor, i.e., industrial partner, corporate venture or financial co-investor, is required at this stage. This means that the total seed round can be well above 250k EUR. The seed investment is a convertible loan that converts at the next round valuation with a discount and a valuation cap.

6. How much does the program cost?

The program is provided free of charge. However, all program participants are required to be present in the co-working space for the duration of both programs, adjacent to the accelerator. Therefore, a monthly infrastructure fee is put into place, which covers both the co-working cost, as well as accounting services for financial oversight.

7. How can I apply?

Click the “Apply” button at the start or end of this page, and you will be redirected to the Startup Includer platform, where you will be prompted to create a profile, if you do not have one already. Creating a profile will only take you a few minutes, but will make it a lot easier for us all to understand if your start-up and our Fund are a good match!



Start-Up Creation & Acceleration


Start-up Creation


Start-up Creation

• We connect motivated entrepreneurs with innovative scientists
• We support and mentor
• We provide access to investment and acceleration
• Attend the Ignition Event to get started!




• 6 month program & up to 50k EUR investment
• Get ready for follow-on investment
• Find your industrial guru
• Develop your network of partners and customers globally
• Modern co-working in the heart of Riga, Latvia




• Science/engineering-based start-ups
• At least one business and one tech developer on the team
• Technology demo available (proof it works!)
• Up to 250k EUR after acceleration

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An international technology commercialization platform that now includes an acceleration fund.

nikolai big bw

Nikolai Adamovitch

Nikolai is the founder and visionary of Commercialization Reactor, and entrepreneur in-residence. He is an experienced business angel and entrepreneur.
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Voldemars Bredikis

Voldemars is our chairman of the board and entrepreneur in-residence. Serial entrepreneur, business angel, member of board at Latvian Business Network.
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Ella Kalnina

Ella is our acceleration program director. She has practical experience as a deep-tech entrepreneur, and has designed and lead the Commercialization Reactor’s past five acceleration programs.
Lelde Stukle

Lelde Stukle

Lelde is our Investment Manager. She is an experienced VC Investment Manager in pre-seed and seed stage technology start-ups.