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The Commercialization Reactor's Process

The commercialization experts of our Team are constantly monitoring scientific research and development at the main scientific centers of our region – in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Riga, Tomsk, Erevan. The most enterprising technologies are constantly evaluated and shortlisted for Commercialization Reactor’s events.

Open matchmaking events are held in Riga once a year. Potential entrepreneurs are chosen to be invited to attend these events. They form the pool of the entrepreneurs of the Commercialization Reactor.

The Commercialization Reactor assists and mentors each start-up, including attracting a venture capital investor in order to launch commercial operations. As of mid-2018, the Commercialization Reactor will launch its own 5 million EUR Fund.

The last step of the process, after obtaining start-up capital, is the new ventures graduating from the Commercialization Reactor.

As the next step, the entrepreneurs become Residents of the Commercialization Reactor, receiving mentoring, join a 3-6 month acceleration program, and the best teams receiving up to 300k EUR investment.

At the “Commercialization Reactor Ignition Event”, innovative, previously screened and evaluated scientific technologies are presented, and teams are established, comprising the scientists and the entrepreneurs from the pool.

For more information and to apply, drop us a line at: info@commercializationreactor.com